It's Been a Long Time!

If you have been following this blog (and I find it highly unlikely if you say yes), you'll notice that I have been non-existent for quite some time. I have been a busy man. My photography took a break several years ago when my kids were born. Now sure, I had a few portrait sessions here and there but I got off track and forgot what my true passion was. My passion wasn't photographing people by taking their portrait (now some say I was pretty good at it), it was landscapes. I loved the chase of getting up early or staying out late, the challenge of finding a great shot, and then executing. Now that my beautiful and smart girls are 6 and 4 (almost 5), it is time to hit the ground running and pursue my passion again. 

Now, while I understand and know where my photography is going, I will still have a full-time job to maintain. This will limit my shooting but should not hamper my results. Now, unless you want to add me and my family to your taxes as dependents, you'll just have to come back and check in on my galleries. 

In the mean time, I'll leave them "as is" and slowly replace them as new work is created. If you have found this post, Thank You!

~ Edward